Fix Your Hair.

What are you feeling as you listen to her words ? 
How did her emotions impact yours ? What message did you receive from this video ?

” I was just like girl yesssss while I was watching. And I felt like I could relate to everything she said because when it comes to my hair it’s always looked at as like not done or my family members make jokes cause of my choice to not perm it. The message is got is to continue loving myself and everything about myself”.

“I was emotionally touched from the passion in her voice and the truth in her words👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾”.

“Yes, but seeing just the bit of it, I am glad that she understands the legacies, the history and how much power alone is carried in her hair. The sad thing is usually when your mother or parent tells you to straighten your hair etc it is hard not to because you do not have the support and mentorship to empower you to not straighten, perm and damage one’s natural curl. When odds are against you and the one that carries you encourages you to erase your legacy then what can you do sometimes ? It takes a lot of courage, fight, strength to be unique and to not follow the trend of those trying to be something they are not made to be.So it was remarkable to hear someone speak with so much passion and force on what hair means to her. It is inspiring and I hope other young girls can learn from it”.

“I don’t think parents see the history behind the idea of natural hair”.

“The ending really hit me when she said you can’t fix something that was never broken. I agree you really can’t because we were born with this skin, with this texture of hair. It’s our history and I even have family members who don’t acknowledge that history who probably would ask why don’t I straighten my hair but they know better lol. You can’t change history so instead her mom told her to fix her hair”.

“I feel as though our parents grew up hearing words like “fix your hair” forcing them to learn/force themselves to ignore what that actually means. They just listened to what their parents said because thats how things isn’t really until someone steps back and questions what the words mean that we tend to question what things REALLY mean”.

What does it mean to fix your hair ?

“To make look tamed I guess”.

“Perm it or get it done to where your natural hair isn’t showing especially if your hair is kinky”.

“I see this every time I have my hair out or its fuzzy…my family just make jokes and ask whats wrong with your hair…I just let them know that i’d rather embrace my history”.

Personal Examples ?

“My family just make jokes and ask whats wrong with your hair… I just let them know that I’d rather embrace my history”.

” I had to tell my dad he shouldn’t make jokes and laugh I’m embracing my blackness especially because the white man took you down. It’s just crazy to me how ignorant the closet people to you can be”.

” My mom went through it too growing up having to perm her hair because she was told to but she didn’t raise me like that ever”.

Hair means so much than what you think it means. 

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