A Flawed Story…


unnamed.jpgXyenasia Gatewood, born and raised in the Bronx, just graduated high school and will be starting college in the fall. She currently works at Arby’s and  in the organization L.I.T also known as Leaders In Training. She loves to read and to be herself which is being goofy.

Xyenasia’s main flaw is her body image and her confidences due to her body image . She believes that the reason she feels so uncomfortable about her body is because today in society many people think a beautiful body image is a flat stomach and perfect shape . Xyenasia understands that it’s a day by day process of learning how to love herself and everything that’s comes with her as a individual.

Xyenasia’s advice, “To love your flaws & all . To take it one day at a time & truly discover who you are as a person cons & all šŸ’œ”.

Instagram @Nyshay_xye

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