Attitudes DON’T APPLY to JUST US.

What is/are your first reaction(s) to this photo?


  • ” I think the person who made that is ignorant because she isn’t white. First reaction”.
  • ” That people just make this stuff to get other people of color mad, half the time they don’t mean it they just know it’ll get our blood boiling”.
  • “My first reaction is why do men think black women have attitudes all the time”.

Do Black women & Latina women have attitude problems ?

  • ” I think some people take their interaction with a couple black or Latina women and categorize us all”.
  • ” We don’t have attitude problems.We’re just more aggressive sometimes. We get annoyed by having to put up with crap like this”.
  • ” I don’t believe in something such as an attitude problem. Everybody has an attitude, black women are the only people who speak their damn minds and it’ll get put in the media/everyday life for being different so they just labeled it as a problem”.
  • ” I don’t think it’s a black woman or Latina woman thing, people have attitudes; we are probably “caught” expressing ours more than others but that certainly doesn’t classify all of us or anyone for that matter as women with attitudes… That picture is hilarious to me because minus the “attitude” she and others still want we have figure wise etc”.

Why do people stereotype black women and Latina as angry women ? What do we do to others that makes others feel this way ?

  • “The media, our music and the language used to describe us on tv doesn’t help either”.
  • “The media definitely paints a portrait of a lot of things including us, our men etc. I think we have to stay conscious of the fact that they do share or put things out that incite us or make us question if we’re “really like that”.”
  • “I think reality tv and the media portrays us black and Latina women as having more attitude like white women don’t. But I watch reality shows with only white women like KUWTK, Real Housewives series and I’m always catching their attitude. The media doesn’t show it as much though. They generalize black and Latinas as having all the fights, arguments and attitude”.
  • ” I have an attitude but it’s not a problem”.
  • “No the people who say we have a problem are the ones with the problem”.
  • ” I personally don’t consider myself to have ‘attitude problems’, but when people get me mad with stuff they do- I do have an attitude, which i think is normal for everyone”.
  • ” Some people have attitude problems. Stereotypes in main stream media glamorize us (minority women) having nasty attitudes and being domineering so that’s why people are quick to say we have bad attitudes. The media always throws those stereotypes in the worlds face, so that’s all some people know. It’s bullsh*t”.

 Why did you take offense to this photo when it didn’t specifically say Black or Latina women?

  • ” I feel like because attitude us automatically placed with colored women. I know some colored women that don’t voice themselves and cater to their man buy get played by that man”.
  • ” I think we also have to watch what WE (as women of color) support. On a subconscious level what we watch and listen to affects us and how we view other cultures and ourselves. And how other people view us. A lot of people hate the way our music depicts a women of colors only worth being held in our physical assets and constantly referring to us as “bitches, hoes, uneducated, sluts” but many of us still listen to it and buy concert tickets. 🙄 the person who made it is sooo ignorant but I can completely understand why, ya know. Those in a position of power of a media level are failing at representing us accurately and we till this day are still fighting for a seat at the table so we can represent us right”.
  • ” Who choose to speak out against our oppression and refuse to put up with bull…. Don’t say we are crazy for speaking out against craziness that we didn’t create!!!”.

What does it mean to have an attitude ?

  • “I’ll stick basic and just say you’re upset at something, but people take it way out of character. It used to remain as a side effect of anger or sadness over something small or if something didn’t go our way but now people characterize it as the way we handle things, or the way we may seem before we even we even speak”.
  • ” Definition from : manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing; tendency or orientation, especially of the mind”. 
  • “To me I guess attitude means the way your opinion and/or body language changes when you have a certain perspective about something that someone else may not agree with or want to agree with”.

Just because someone voices their opinion about someone or something doesn’t mean they have an attitude. Just because a BLACK or LATINA woman voices their opinion about someone or something doesn’t mean they have an attitude. Just because a BLACK or LATINA woman has an attitude DOESN’T mean that ALL BLACK or LATINA women have attitude. We ( young women of color) DON’T have attitude problems, WE have STRONG OPINIONS that some people just can’t handle.

Credit to the young women of color in our group chat and some young women of color from our Instagram page for the answers above.

If you will like to join our weekly Monday group chats, please feel free to email us. The group chat is for young women of color ( age 15 to 25 ).


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