A Flawed Story…


Lara Hairston, a young women from Harlem who one day aspire to be a celebrity stylist, will be attending FIT in the spring but until then she will continue to connect with her first love of performing arts.

Lara’s flaw is her body. Growing up she has seen others girls body develop while her’s remained the same.  Today within society, women with big butts, big breasts and small waists are praised. It seems as if no one appreciates the beautiful natural flawed body images that real women have. Despite Lara feeling this way, she has always felt as if guys just desired a sexual attraction to her rather than a genuine relationship . Lara finds it weird because she doesn’t fit the ideal description of society’s body image. Lara is very petite. She doesn’t have a big butt or big breasts, she wears 34A bra size and a extra small in clothing. Lara hasn’t fully accepted her flaw, she is still accepting this flaw day by day.

Lara’s advice, “My advice would be just to genuinely love yourself and to never try to change for anybody but yourself”.

Instagram: @thereal_dopebynature

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