My Heart is BIGGER than my Height.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.48.07 AM.pngCynthia Ignatius, who is from Kerala, India, went to Indian’s National School in Addis Ababa. She loves reading and writing.

Her flaws our her height and imperfect skin ( which as you can see in the photo her skin is actually flawless to me ). She is shorter than other and her skin can be a struggle sometimes to her. Cynthia believes that you height shouldn’t matter because the love she gives come from the heart. Cynthia feels like once you accept yourself people being to respect and accept you as well. Having imperfect skin means your just another creation with a different mould. Accepting your flaw will bring harmony to you because others won’t care.

Advice from Cynthia,”Nothing is permanent not the face you have nor the skin. If your made that way it is because your are beautiful that way. As long as you accept it and be happy about it people will accept you.”

Instagram : dhe_moongoddess

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