A Flawed Story…

6479d5811773ab279c52b29596630fc3.jpgLarashia stated that she has so many flaws but the one that she struggles with the most is her body. The young her loved everything about her body, but once puberty hit she realized that she didn’t like it as much. No boobs , defiantly no butt , small chicken legs. Everyone began to grow into a ” woman” and Larashia was still the same young Larashia. Many people would make different comments towards her” what you don’t eat”, ” you so picky that’s why you’re little now “, “you’re time will come once you have kids “. She began to feel insecure and ugly. She looked at herself in the mirror every night imaging what she would look like if she had a little more of this and less of that. Her body image as began to put a strain on her relationships. She believed that no one wanted an underdeveloped young lady. Larashia knew she had a wonderful vibe , caring , understandable forgiving personality and everything a man could look for but she never seemed as ” the one” just ” why can’t they be like you ” 😕🙄 .She  didn’t want anyone to see her body yet alone touch it. She always covered herself up. Maxi Dresses, pants, sweaters, staying in never leaving out, over eating and never ending depressing movies and the ” if my body looked like hers they’ll never treat me like this” thoughts. She started taking birth control to gain weight along with other pills given by her doctor and the many appointments following trying to figure out what’s wrong with HER.

Larashia got tired of the wishing and started to look at what she had. Looking in the mirror every night she found things that she did like such as her flat tummy with abs that she  never had to work out for. Her perky chest that are little but cute, even her stretch marks on her bottom shows her loving her tiger marks. She sees her body changing every day. She can’t help the way her body decides to function. Eventually it’ll get there but there are so many people that want what she has. She wants what they have lol so why not embrace it.

Larashia started wearing crop tops , shorts , skirts, showing off a little more skin not too much but enough.She even got a tattoo to decorate her body. Not only does she love her body but the person that she gave it too loves every inch of it. Sometimes she feels insecure about the compliments that she gets from him, but most of the times it boosts her confidence.

Advice from Larashia, “I’m so small but I think I’m the most thickest person in the world. So moral of the story ladies God created all of us different for a reason just look deep inside and you’ll find it. & Once you do EMBRACE IT , confidently 😉.  He never sets you up for defeat everyone has a special purpose”.

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