One Road with Different Paths.

Today’s Group Chat was pretty interesting. All of our group chats are interesting, but today we touched base on two different events that occurred last week. Last week Kyrie Irving, a basketball player from the 2016 Championship Cleveland Cavaliers team, hosted a yacht party to celebrate his accomplishments. And on Sunday, June 26th, Jesse Williams’ made a speech at the 2016 BET Awards.


First lets start of with this interesting yacht party that Kyrie hosted. When I tell you the group chat got heated over this, it really got heated. When this photo was first attached in the group chat, many of the members replied with shock, disgust and confusion. Here are some responses to the picture above:

“I didn’t want to believe it because he’s such an inspiration but that goes to show how media can manipulate the mind.”

“This is ridiculous. Like isn’t he black himself though? I really can’t stand when one race bashes itself.”

“I’m disgusted by his behavior and blatant belittlement of women of color. The real question is how does his BLACK mother feel about this.”

“But so many young men look up to him…”

I mean truly who wouldn’t feel this way about a “non-black girl party”!!! Kyrie we get it, you may not be interested in black women , but mmmmmm we are pretty sure your mother is black. We are sure your mother wouldn’t stand for you having this kind of celebration.

This is where the debate came into play. Some girls voiced that an ex-friend brought up the allegations of him having this type of party. Some sources stated that they were actually black women at the celebration. But who are we to truly know who was on that yacht. Kyrie didn’t state if the allegations were wrong and I think this is where it bothers black women and women of color. I had asked if he should apologize for the actions and allegations. Some said yes while others said no. Some believe that him making the speech will be fake and will just allow him to gain more publicity. Those who said yes, said he should give an apology to him mother, Elizabeth Irving who passed away at the age of 29, and other females in his family.

In addition, some members didn’t feel offend because they stated that some sources commented on how there were drinking and drug activities that black women shouldn’t a part of. Basically, the comments were creating a stereotype against white women.

In conclusion of this yacht party, Kyrie Irving has the platform to confront these allegations that are being made of him and since he is staying silent what are we, women of color, supposed to think ?

Now it is time to move on to Jesse Williams’ speech that was made at the 2016 BET Awards.

“Jessie is amazing and killed it and said what needed to be said; for everyone that’s black period. I don’t even know how else to describe it but perfect.”

“I feel like his speech was beautiful. But it’s sad because the whole part about supporting our black women went right over a lot of men’s heads.”

“His speech is the reason I’m involved in social justice work.”

“The speech was amazing but yes the women part was ignored and there was a debate about that on my fb.”

From the response above, you can see that majority of the BBF members loved Jesse’s speech. Everything he was saying was pure facts about what the black community and bak women go through. As a black community we should work together to stand against what the oppressors are placing against us.However, some of the responses sparked some questions.

Jesse’s speech was need and I am happy it was showed on one of the most popular Award shows. However, it hurts to know that some people took Jesse’s speech as a joke. Majority of the people commenting on Jesse’s speech on Twitter were women. Some men joked about Jesse being a “pick me” kind of man for women. Some of these men didn’t take the time to actually internalize the message that he was trying to convey.

These two events happened at totally different times and places, but the message behind both show how much black women deal with the oppression that is set against them.


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