A Flawed Story…


Chanel DeBrouex, a resident of East Harlem, graduated from the University of Albany  with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and a Journalism Minor. Chanel has been dancing all her life. She enjoys following fashion and creating trends. She also enjoys meeting new people and networking. Chanel is currently working as a Communication Specialist at the NYC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Chanel’s flaws are her eyebrows, her fear and overthinking. Chanel admits that she has never had “on fleek”brows. She doesn’t mind shading them, but then she feels like she is not being her natural self- or being true to herself. Chanel has learned to accept certain things about herself and do what makes HER happy. Chanel has learned to trust herself and let go of the fear she has of certain things. Chanel also tends to overthink certain situations which she feels like if she didn’t stress so much, things would be more in her favor.

Chanel has found a way to accept her flaws. She wears makeup that is comfortable and she can accept herself in. Not judging herself with the judgment others may have. Loving herself and most importantly believing in herself.

Chanel’s advice, “Be yourself! Stay true to yourself and love everything about you because you can truly only make YOU happy. Don’t let fear be the reason you don’t chase your dreams. Put all the fear aside and just have faith!”



Instagram: @nellybankss

Blog: www.nellybankss.com

FB: Chanel DeBrouex



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