African or European ?


In a world where historical backgrounds are shaded, shamed and shuffled it is interesting to see how we choose to claim as a part of our identity. In the case of Latina/os there is a huge argument around whether they should claim their African ancestors or choose their European ancestors.

Colorism plays a huge role within the Latina/o community and plays a huge role in segregating Latina/os from their African descent. To be black, nationally and internationally means that you’re less than which is a huge part of what drives colorism. But let’s be honest, African descent runs deep, so why is it that some rather claim their European descent instead.

Maybe some people claim their European descent because they think it is accepted more by society but in accepting their European descent, they shouldn’t have to neglect their African descent. Embracing the diverse traces of our past is important and essential in our understanding/definition of self.

Post Written by Ja’nai Harris


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