Built by Flaws’s Meet and Greet

Yesterday was a total success. It was amazing to see a group of young women of color open up to each other and share their stories. Oh wait did I forget to say that we majority of us did not know each other until yesterday.

The event was so motivational and inspiring. At first it was pretty weird for everyone because they all walked into a room filled with people they didn’t know. Around 2ish, I, Tanaya, made everyone participate in an Ice Breaker. For the Ice Breaker, each person had to answer the following question

  1. What is your name ?
  2. Where are you from ?
  3. What is your favorite color ?
  4. What are yo interested in?
  5. Who was the first person you texted this morning ?

    Built by Flaws' Meet and Greet

    Skye and Darriea

While answering these questions, each girl had to at least remember one girls name and one of the other four answers above.

After the Ice Breaker, I introduced Built by Flaws video that was filmed on June 1st that was sponsored by Democracy Prep Public School .

Once the Video was done, I elaborated more on why I started Built by Flaws and what it means to me to be Flawed. I talked a lot because I am really into talking. Once I was done talking, some my best friends, high school friends and strangers asked questions and made comments about the video and my speech ( I guess you can call it that).

It beginning to get very emotional, so I had to make things a little fun. We played a bingo game which was very funny. Two people called bingo and didn’t even win. Once we got are really two WINNERS (Mahogany and Marcella) and  for Bingo who won a gift card for Starbucks/Chipotle with a flower shaped soap, we moved onto our raffle. We have 3 Raffle gift which was a Built by Flaws ” bihh, please, i embrace my flaws, try it !” shirt with a soap shaped like a rose flower who went to Anita Ntem, a Victoria Secert set with purple flash tattoos to Michelle P and a Rhiverxx “Melanin Goddess” shirt to Darriea.


We are missing Marcella 😦

Then we had our fabulous Mis Kai Nedds as our Guest Speaker speak about why she wrote her book Graciously Flawed and what the processed looked like. I must say her speech was very touching and emotional. Her words were so beautiful. IMG_5236.png

After Kai spoke, we opened up the floor for other young women of color to speak on how they were flawed and how they changed or accepted their flaw. It was beautiful to hear the stories and most importantly have other young women of color give advice to each other about loving oneself.

It was finally time to wrap the event up but of course we couldn’t wrap it up by just saying thank you and giving a way gift bags. We ended the event with a Soul Train line.


Big thanks to Lucia for taking amazing photos throughout the event. Please make sure to follow her on Instagram @lucializr .


To see more photos of the event go check out our Gallery that is all way at the bottom of the blog :). Hope you enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Built by Flaws’s Meet and Greet

  1. nellybankss says:

    This is so dope! Wish I could have been apart. Continue being a success and positive image. Love what you are doing for females. My flaws are something I struggle with but I am lucky enough to have a good, supportive network of friends and family. Good job!

    Liked by 1 person

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