A Flawed Story …

20151117_093335.jpgMarjorie Gray, a sophomore at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, loves to draw, design and hang out with her family. Marjorie was born to Trinidadian parents,however she was born in Brooklyn and was raised in the Bronx. Since she was 16 years old, she has been designing clothes and prints. Designing is her passion because it helps her escape problems and relieve stress.

Marjorie flaw is with trust and self-confidence.She is not able to fully trust or to be confident because of her past experiences with my peers in school. When she was not with her friends or family, she would feel alone . Some of her peers would make fun of her and call her names such as “Waka Flocka” or “Chief Keef” because of her dreadlocks. It hurted her a lot because she felt unaccepted in an environment that was supposed to be safe.

I learned to accept her flaw by using her experiences to motivate young women to love their own bodies and flaws unconditionally. Whenever she thinks back to those experience, she prays and begins to develope new designs to help her cope.

Marjorie’s advice, “My advice would what my professor once told me: “No matter what you do– keep swinging for the fence”. It is important to be strong and to endure through negative experiences because in the end, it’ll only make you a better person”.

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