Pray for Orlando

No one wants to ever experince the loss of a love one. All these individuals went out to have a beautiful night, but most of them were killed or injured due to a traumatic event. Imagine recieving a text message from your love stating that they love you and that they were going to die. That is heart breaking to know that you will never be able to hear their voice again or feel their lovable touch.

Today during our discussion we reflected on this image thafrontfull-0613-gthmb.jpgt that was placed in the Daily News.  As a group, we all voiced our opinions about what the imagine was portraying. One thing that a member noticed from this image was that the NRA was being held accountable for the massive crime because they don”t have a ban on assault guns. We don’t excuse any of the actions that were made by Omar Mateen, but we question why is this act being called a terroist attack. Is it because of his religion. This could have been seen as a hate crime due to the fact that he killed and injured men and women from the gay community. It seems like when there is a mass murder that is done by a Muslim America classifies it as a terrorist attack. Some members read that Omar had mental issues.  His ex-wife actually left him because he was being abusive and she was scared for her safety. It isn’t fair how people point the finger and blame it on everything from people’s regilion, sexuality or race. Maybe if they werefrontfull-0613-gthmb.jpg to read his records they will have more clarity of why he did what he did. If this was a white man,  pretty sure this act would have been seen as a hate crime or maybe they would have said he was mentally ill. Media creates these storelines that they know will sell. If they were to tell us the complete truth about news, I am pretty sure it wouldn’t sell. The media is focused on the bad. They make people think that they know everything.

We went on to discuss that how was Omar a secruity guard when he may have a felt a certain way about a group of people or if he had bad history. Omar had a job working for a company that provided security to federal buildings. He was a license security and had the right to carry fire arms.

It is so unfortunate how people are not able to have the freedom to express themselves because their will always be fear of going 10 steps backwards from the 5 steps that were taken forward. For whatever reason there was Omar Manteen was in the wrong for killing those who fought all their lives to be true to THEMSELVES. It was completely wrong of him to take away the lives of other HUMAN BEINGS. No matter who you love, you are still a human.

To the family and friends who have lost their loved ones, know that you are in Built by Flaws prayers. Below are so words from members from Built by Flaws.

“My heart definitely goes out to all of the families. Especially the mother that got the text from her son”.

“I am for their loss but I would encourage them to seek God in this rough time instead of blame him”.

“I want to say sorry but I feel like that isn’t enough. Those years of going through that transition with their child they can’t get back and all they have are texts that they can’t get back. So a hug if anything is what I would offer Bc words aren’t enough.”

“I my prayers and support goes to the families and friends of thise effected by this tragedy. I also stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community as everyone cop with the pain this has caused”.


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