I know I am FLAWED.


Tara Garner, a Canadian American identical twin,  loves to dance , play sports , go to the movie theaters , theme parks , shopping and she loves fashion.  She studied communication in college .

She was born with a rare disorder that only affects women called Wildervanck syndrome. Her flaw is mainly on her right side .She is deaf in her right ear and hard of hearing in her left one. Her right eye can not look to the right. She has duane syndrome . She can not lift up her right eyebrow. Tara is missing bones and muscles on her right side of her face . Her ear is smaller and higher than her left ear. She has scoliosis in her thumbs and due to this she can’t bend them .  In her right eye, she has a pearl looking dermoid underneath her pupil aka luckstar.

Tara is flawed because she is different and it isn’t an atypical thing. People treat her differently because of it. 

To be honest, Tara has accepted her flaws before she event knew about Built by Flaws . She is grateful to have seen our Instagram and to see all those who have embraced and loved their flaws. “It is important to be confident in your own vessel because you are in your body for life and if you aren’t accepting of your flaws than you will not be happy and no one will accept you,  because why should someone accept you? If you can’t?”( Tara Garner). 

Advice from Tara, “You are beautiful inside and out . God made you and he doesn’t make mistakes . Accept and love yourself . People who tell you different are haters and aren’t blessed enough to see your true beauty through God’s eyes .. keep your head up”. 

Instagram : Ms.wildorchid87



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