A Flawed Story…


Kai Nedd, is a published author located on the Upper Westside. The title of her bestselling novel ironically is Graciously Flawed. Graciously Flawed is a novel Kai wrote based off of a young full figured teen who not only found love with in herself but love with someone else.

Kai’s flaw is her body image. As a child she was always chubby however once she got older the innocence of it began to fade away. Her body image is herflaw because it used to bother her, Kai use to be told by her peers that her size wasn’t typical nor was it the norm.

Kai accpeted her flaw because she learned to accept herself and apart of accepting herself was accepting her body. Back then Kai didn’t appreciate her many curves now she does. And she makes sure shes embraces it because it made her who she is today.

Kai’s words, “I advise all girls to love themselves no matter who judges,  no matter how harsh society challenges our beauty. Self love conquers all 💗.”

Instagram : kiearax_

Twitter: Kai Nedd


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