WOW, really ?

Can you believe that Nickelodeon is literally teaching young children that natural hair is something that a young black girl with natural hair should be ashamed? Can you believe that Nickelodeon shows that it okay for a young black girl to be seen as a laughing stock because of her natural hair? Can you believe that our siblings, little cousins, or children are being taught that it is not beautiful to have natural hair? Can you believe this video?

Like who approved this to be aired on television? Like who are the producers?

This cartoon episode was approved to teach children a lesson that being a young black girl with natural hair is not beautiful and people will treat you as if you aren’t human. Do you believe that they added a noise effect to when the red headed girl touches the black girls hair. Like what is that suppose to mean?

The producers are obviously people who don’t appreciate or understand what natural hair is and how much value natural hair holds within the black community. If you want to create a video where an young black girl is being teased and bullied about her hair at least make it where at the end she gets praised for having natural hair and being told how beautiful she is for wearing her natural hair. There could have been a motivational aspect to this all.

This video can be seen as an insult to those who are natural. Are you telling us that my natural hair is bad or it makes me less beautiful than those with straight hair? What is the message here, honestly?

You are teaching our girls to not embrace what they are born with. Things like this affect kids. Majority of children want to grow up and be like cartoon characters or think like cartoon characters. And of course if you are sending a message stating that natural hair is not beautiful don’t you think you are affecting each and every child that watches these cartoons. Like you think this is only affecting young black girls, NO you got it wrong. You are telling young boys that young black girls with natural hair are ugly and that they should tease them for being natural. You are praising young white girls to think that they are the only beautiful things on this earth.

This video is completely out of line. Nickelodeon get ya life right.



4 thoughts on “WOW, really ?

  1. The Cookie Cutter Slayer says:

    I am completely speechless. I cannot believe what I just watched. I am so disappointed. This just makes want to work even harder to teach my daughter self love. She’s only one, but its good to teach them young. Am I right? Thank you so much for bringing attention to this issue. Sharing this ASAP

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