A Flawed Story…


Chandler McFall, a highschooler, is a rapper, a proud grandchild of a Black Panther and just a bold person. Chandler works for a little hip-hop magazine. She is a part of many clubs and organizations to name all of them. She is from Long Beach, Los Angeles and San Antonio.

My flaw? It’s really self-confidence. Chandler’s flaw is her self confidence. She has never been sure of herself or any of her abilities. Once someone disses what she does, she tends to let it fall by the wayside. Chandler tries not to let things bother her, but they always find their way to get to her. Very Heavily bother her. If she finds something she is good at, she tries to hide it from others so ty do not critcize her. 

Chandler hasn’t yet accepted her flaw, but she trying to learn how to accept it. She find it to be a major key that she is at least acknowledging the fact that she lacks self-confidence.

Advice from Chandler, “Babies, keep your head held high. Chin up, shoulders back, chest straight and plaster a smile on. Fake it til you make it. Keep faking it, and you’ll believe it.” 

 IG- @creepqueenc

Twitter- menchithekid

Blog– blaquegurl.blogspot.com


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