What are your Summer Goals?

Summer is finally approaching. Time to bring out the beach chairs. Eat a million ices. Spend endless nights talking and laughing with friends and family. I know we are all thrilled to spend time with catching some summer rays, do some summer shopping and eat a lot of hamburger and hot dogs. BUT lets all be honest we need to set some summer goals. Many of us our coming back from school, just finally starting our New Year’s resolution, or just setting a new goal we want to achieve.

Your goal maybe to 

  • save roughly $500-$1,000
  • lose or gain weight 
  • read one book a week 
  • eat healthier
  • go to the gym twice a week or walk to and from work or school 
  • meet new people or make new friends
  • go to the beach or a water park
  • go to more free events within your community
  • slay on your haters 
  • take a vacation


You know your capability so make sure you set a manageable goal that can be accomplished this summer. Speak your goals into existence to create that path. When you usually say you will do something, you tend to do it. 

Some Summer Goals from BBF members 

“My summer goal this year is to basically be in my bag. I am more willing to meet new people and make my own opportunities without depending on others to do it for me. This has been a huge change for me compared to two years ago. Right now I’m trying to secure a job. I’m also reaching out and meeting with the CEO of my old middle school in Harlem ,which I’ve known since I was in elementary school. I’m really excited to see what summer’16 is going to bring me” (Shani M).

This summer I plan to enjoy NYC as a 21 year old and stay in shape. I’ve been doing well with keeping my weight down, so now I’m going to focus on keeping my natural hair healthy. I also am looking forward to everything that Built by Flaws has in store” (Tempest T). 

” I plan to continue to get my body in shale and losing weight! I’ve been working hard on this goal for a while and im seeing results slowly but surely” (Akeda R). 

” I plan to continue to go natural, and to go to the gym to practice self care” ( Kiaina G). 

“My summer goals are to move up a weight class volleyball wised, continue to stay active & eat right, as well as save” (Hawa C).

” My summer goals are to contiune to work towards my weight goal by trying out different wrokout methods. As of right now I am taking Birkam Yoga classes, which is very intense but so relaxing to my body. I am will also contiune to work on the growth for Built by Flaws ( we have a surprise in store for you all ). I will contiune to focus on myself by bettering myself as an young women of color. And last but not least, I will prepare myself for my fall semester in Lima, Peru” ( Tanaya C).

” This summer I plan on finding my own happiness and continuing to build the foundation for my dream career , I also plan on creating beautiful memories with my friends and family” ( Skye V).

“I don’t really have summer goals. Just live my summer out to the fullest while being busy with my internship” (Rachelle E). 

“My goal for the summer is to take care of me entirely inside and out, to make sure that I get stuff done for the clubs I participate in and to live life to the fullest with those that I love”( Anita N).

“Some of my goals for this summer are:

1) work on my writing and become comfortable with sharing my ideas

2) become comfortable with myself and my body

3) to follow up accepting my body, making strides towards being healthier in terms of eating and exercising

4) working on the personal relationships in my life. Maintaining the ones that are going well and working on ones that have become distant.

5) last but not least, relying on God in all things ” ( Akosua A). 


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