A Flawed Story …

unnamed.jpgCharity Harrison is a current junior at The Ohio State University majoring in Early and Middle Childhood Studies with a minor in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. In addition to being a full time student, she is the Founder of Beautifully Flawed, whose mission is to provide young girls with the support and love to embrace the beauty of their adversity and equip them with the essential tools to live healthy lifestyles and serve their communities. With an emphasis on self-esteem, positive body-image, and growing through your pain, girls are challenged to use their unique gifts and passions to follow their purpose.

For years Charity battled with love, self-esteem, and body image issues. Her first year of college she was bulimic and with the help of God,  family, friends, professional help, and the Women of Power Xtreme Transformation Program through New Salem Baptist Church she was able to recover, forgive, and love.

For years she didn’t know her worth and her strength. Charity could love and give to everybody else except herself. She has learned it’s hard to outpour when you don’t take the time to fill up. Everyday she fills up because everyday other people and things attempt to tell her what she is not.  She feeds herself spiritually, mentally, and physically, because she deserves the love she gives to others.

Charity did not know her purpose until she battled some life changing personal issues. It was during those tough times that she began to embrace who she was and what she could become. After overcoming an eating disorder, she now strives to educate girls to truly love themselves in spite of their flaws. Everyday she gets the chance to encourage another sister by advocating and teaching on the topics of self-love and cyber bullying to girls. The very thing that once held her back has now turned into a testimony to inspire and uplift other Queens. She was broken to be made whole.

Advice from Charity, “Another’s girls beauty and success is not the absence of your own. Admire without questioning your own worth, because GIRL, YOU are Enough. No mistakes were made in your creation. Flaws and all, you are beautiful. Always have been. Always will be”. 

Be sure to follow her social media accounts that are listed below ! 

Instagram: @beautifullyflawedqueen_ Twitter: @bfqueen_ Snapchat: @charitylove5


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