What Does this Image Mean to You ?


Q1: So ladies what do you think about this image ?

A1: When I see this image, I see society trying to degrade a black woman.

A2: It shows and enhances the stereotypes of Michelle being an angry black woman and enhances Melania as a prize. The green may have been purposefully added to Michelle’s image because of the hulk. The hulk being viewed as an angry person so they portrayed the same for Michelle.

A3: This was my first time seeing it and I was sitting here like what in the world. Like I automatically started thinking they must think black isn’t beautiful. And I thought this because Michelle is showing her real self as First Lady.

A4: Angry black woman stereotype.

A5: I agree with with you all and I also think that the image shows strength. They wanted to portray the angry black woman stereotype but also the black women as strong. Perhaps “too strong”. Melania appears to be a women that doesn’t have a since of independence. This images is degrading but also show how a powerful black woman intimidates the white majority.

A6: That image shocked me. I wasn’t expecting that. It’s very disrespectful not only to Michelle Obama but to every women who can relate to an African-American woman, which is most of the women. It paints the picture that color women are aggressive and white women are fragile and are like a prize possession.

Q2: Why do you ladies feel as though black women are seen as angry?

A1: Because black women always speak up and contradict the traditional gender norms.

A2: When women voice their opinions, with confidence and with a little bit of attitude and certainty in the way they speak that also brings intimidation and with intimidation brings name calling and derogatory terms to supress that confidence by being called words like “angry” etc.

A3: I hate the angry black women stereotype. I just feel like we’re more passionate in what we’re saying when it comes to exposing what’s really going on.

A4: Society expects women to hold their tongues and not speak up about their feelings so when black women speak, they are looked down upon and looked at as aggressive.

Q3: How do you ladies feel about Michelle not having a sign and Melania having one? I thought it was saying black women don’t support their men. 

A1: I’m not really sure why Michelle doesn’t have a sign, and it may be because of the reason you said but it can also be because society praises the white culture and Trump is white. Although Barack Obama is half white (correct?) society still puts him under “black” or “African-American”. 

A2: That is true ! If you are not completely white you are automatically the “Other”.

A3: I think the sign was more for campaigning since trump is running for president and not Obama.

A4: For a second, it looks like Michelle is looking at Melania like the goof she is. But I do believe the no sign was intentional and she has no other things related to the election either.

Q4: For the past 8 years,c do you ladies feel like Michelle Obama has represented black women?

A1: Michelle has represented all women of color in a positive way. She has shown that we can go to college and law school, get married have kids and still be a successful black woman in the public eye on her own.

Q5: What are your thoughts on the controversy on the Obamas stay in the office?  Some say they were too comfortable and a bit unprofessional; they often blame their race. 

A1: People love to say that the Obamas didn’t do anything while in office but if we go back to how government and the USA is run the president has to go through the legislative branch, the House of Representatives and The senate, before anything changes. Most of the government are either racist or rich politicians who don’t want to share their money.

Random Comments 

C1: Also making the first lady Melania would not make America great “again” giving the community of color and blacks what they owe us. Stop letting white supremist and police officers get away with crimes and issues effecting society.


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