A Flawed Story…

Tiffany Ocran, a senior at Democracy Prep Charter High Schoo and also a rising first year of Emory University, hasalways been an honor roll student, took part in the  girl’s soccer team for three years. Tiffany loves doing hair, learning sign language and how to do make-up. 

Tiffany’s flaw is her height. She is 4’11 and people love reminding her. Almost everywhere she goes, people tease her about her height. Tiffany, ” If I had a dime for any time someone called me a midget, I’ll be able to pay full tuition”. Sometimes, she feels like people don’t take her serious because of her height. They underestimate her abilites because they think her potiential matches her height. It bothers her because she constantly feels like she has to prove herself to everone that she is way more than just her height. 

 Her height has effctive her attitude because she uses her attitude to ignore her height. People tell her that she talks and acts feisty. Her attitudes makes her think “If I act big, I feel big”.

Advice from Tiffany: “If you don’t like something about yourself, don’t pay attention to it as much. Focus on the parts of you that you really do like and I promise you, you’ll feel more valuable”. 


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