Know your worth. 

Today we talked about weight and what it means to a young woman in the current society we live in. Does your weight define you or make you feel different about yourself? Have you ever had that moment where you wanted to lose weight but was not sure what you really doing it for? 
Some of the smaller girls of the group expressed that they have always wanted to gain weight because they thought that it was wrong. They believed that being smaller was wrong because the people around them made negative comments that made them compare their beautiful bodies to the ‘idea’ body type that society has created. On the other hand, other girls expressed that they always compared to themselves to the skinnier women around them or the models they see in advertisements. The celebrities that are often talked about and marveled at are created to convince girls about what they should look like. This does not mean that they have to look like these models or celebrities to be beautiful. 
Your weight doesn’t define who you are, but it defines your health lifestyle. Health comes in many shapes and sizes, just like women around the world do! Curvier women can be healthy, but because there is a stigmatized weight a comparison always occurs.
Love your curves and love your body. Don’t let Kim K make you feel like her body is the only body goal for you. 

Know yourself, Know your worth.    


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