A Flawed Story…

Kenna is studying to be a fabuluos photographer and is a blogger of an amazing blog called Messy Vegan Teen which is about different vegan recipes. Kenna has a flawed that is interal. She finds herself to be lazy, but she also has a flaw which is a fear of not being good enough. Kenna knows that this is her flaw, but she is not sure why this is her flaw. She has been working on her flaw and trying to figure out why it is her flaw. Kenna has thought about ways to comprise with her flaw. She thinks setting goals for herself will help her laziness because she will have things to do. Also setting goals will allow her to accomplish small things then trying to accomplish one big goal. She writes everything down and tells herself ” I HAVE” to get this done. She loves taking photos and blogging and she knows she will get it all done as long as she puts her mind to it. 

Advice from Kenna, “Don’t let anyone tell you, you  can’t do it because you can”. 


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