I Define my Sucess, Not You.

Many people judge those who do not live their life by the rules. But who are you to tell someone how to live her life? They are the ones living it so maybe you should not judge or mind your business.

Have you noticed the amount of beautiful young women of color graduating from high and college with children? It amazes me how much these young women of color push themselves to do better despite the stereotypes and judgments that are placed against them. Many here the constant reminder of how she would not graduate due to the fact that she is having a child. It’s like once a young woman of color gets pregnant she is seen as lesser then her capabilities and goals. Why must be shame her for bringing life into this world?

Some people have this idea of what life is suppose to be. They say you must graduate high school, go to college, find an amazing job, fall in love, get married and then have children. But what if that isn’t my vision for my life!? What if I decided to get married, graduate from both high school and college, have a child and then find the job I love so much. What is wrong with that? Am I not completing the ideas you pose on my life? Oh it’s not right because it is not in the order that you want it to be in. Okay I completely get it.

Yes, we get it a child is more complex then many people think. A person having a child may not see it as a mistake. A child can possibly push someone into a better place for herself. Every situation is different and no one has the right to judge anyone if they are not perfect themselves. We have this mentally where we are so quick to judge one another but never take the time out to think about the situation the person is in. The girl could have been raped and was not able to get an abortion because her family does not believe in it. It is horrible when people judge and state that the girl is a fast a** because she is pregnant.

I applaud all the loving young mothers of color doing their thang and making thangs happen for not only their child, but for themselves. Do not ever allow someone else’s words affect you as a parent. You are amazing at what you do.







Teen-Mom-1.jpg CHwwpxUUcAAwRiv.jpg-large.jpeg


*** All photos are taken from Google.***


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