No more EXCUSES.


James Guy-Palacios was born in Harlem, New York, but currently resides in Spring Lake North Carolina. He is currently enrolled in Fayetteville Technical Community College in North Carolina under the Electronics Technology Engineering course. He is looking  into change his major to focus more on Computer Programming so that he can become a game designer.

James has an interal flaw that he constantly struggles with. He finds himself making excuse when it comes to certain things. The excuses cause him to start believing that he has to settle for less when he is capable of achieving his goals and asiprations in life. He knows he can strive for more and making excuses is not something he is okay with. His flaw of making excuse made him fall behind a little in school and has caused him to have a very hard time by playing catch up. Even though it is hard, he understands that he has to do it because no one else will makes things happe for him. 

James has not fully accepted the fact that making excuse is his flaw even though he knows it. He refuses to let this flaw contiune to overcome him because he knows that accepting those excuses over and over again is not who he really is. He plays to overcome his flaw by standing and becoming the fine gentleman that his mom raised him to be and she knows that he can be!

James has been impacted by the flawed stories of old friends and new faces because he realized that they either had the same or similar flaws. This made him feel like “if they could overcome their obstacles, so can I, and that’s exactly wat I’ll do!”. This  It made him feel good that he can see his friends succeed and be the history making people he knows they all can be.

Words from James, “For anyone who struggles with the same flaw as I, just remember, if u have expensive taste as i do, the only way to get wat u want is to work for it and dont worry about anything else. Nobody else will get it for u.” 


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