A Flawed Story…


Jayah Arnett attended SUNY Plattsburgh , where she double major in public relations and broadcast journalism. Jayah enjoys writing on her own blog .A about similar stories like Built by Flaws, fashion and her experiences as a woman and student. She also enjoys working out. She is currently going to study abroad this summer in Thailand and hopes to travel the world before she thinks about children. Jayah was born in California and moved to New York, Spanish Harlem specifically with her mom when she was about 6 years old.

Jayah’s flaw has been being confident about who she is and what she owns such as her hair, and most importantly her ethnicity.

This is a flaw of hers because society is judgmental about what you have and what you don’t have. Race plays a big part in someone’s identity and Jayah was often afraid to say she was half white in a highly Hispanic and African American community which she is from. Often we let what other people say stress us, Jayah has always been confident about who she is but always thought about it in the back of her head.  Race and how you look on the outside seems to be important. She has always straighten her hair even though she has shiny long hair. She ruined her soft curls and now is trying to recover them. Being natural is important especially for woman of color because we are beautiful the way we are with out stimulation.

When Jayah went to college where the majority of the students are white and have little experience with minorities. She learned to be proud of who she was. The ethnicity , hair and gender she owns isn’t only hers, many young women own the same things as her. She wants young women of color to walk around in confident because it is way more  powerful than hate.

Words from Jayah, “I want women struggling with the same flaw to know that they aren’t the only ones but it’s not about what your going through its about moving forward from it. Once you start feeling confident in yourself  no matter what your flaw is, it heals and becomes gold that shines and everyone notices. Often what you have people want so appreciate it and rock your hair, melanin/ ethnicity and body flawlessly”.


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