Social Media

Social media has been beneficial in many ways. You can connect with people you have lost contact with or even connect with people that have the same interests as you. Social media is a great way to spread information and have people join a movement or idea you have. Social media has had a huge impact on our generation. However, social media has also been the devil.

Social media has created a definition of what the standard beauty is within society. Mainly, because it’s all about what trending in society. Some women go to social media for their take on beauty because they want what draws attention and to ultimately be what is accepted. Not a lot of women in a sense want to be an outcast which causes them to follow behind big names on social media so they can fit in. There has always been a standard beauty within society, but social media has made it more noticeable. Many young women think their beauty is determined on how many likes or comments they received on their photos. They pose a certain ways because the standard beauty states that having a small waist and fat booty is beautiful. Some people believe that they have to fit into this physically beauty to be beautiful. Some young women believe that you have to be light skinned with both big breast and booty, with a slim waist, thick thighs with high check bones and all that jazz stuff. You continuously have waist trainer ads and etc. popping up on your Instagram or Twitter. Every woman is beginning to look the same because every one is shooting for this “beauty”. Isn’t beauty about being confident in how you look and stunning all that was given to you?

Some women and young women post photos with captions stating that they love themselves for what they look like, but in all reality they post the photos to get validation to see if other approve of their beauty. There are even certain social media accounts that have a mission statement to promote self-love and self-beauty, but they will only promote certain sizes, such as slim and thick, or promote natural hair if it’s only the long curly/wavy hair. Like this is not promoting self-love or beauty because they are basically still saying you have to have these things to be beautiful. Us, women, come in all shapes and sizes, so do not promote this one image and then tell me to love myself. There are beautiful plus size women out there that be slaying, but social media does not portray them as beautiful or provide enough idols and inspirations.

There are ways we can break down this standard beauty on social media. It may seem hard, but it is possible. There will be constant backlash on what we do, but as women if we work together and stop trying each other down and actually tear down these perceptions placed on us we will be in a better space. The standards are made about us, but were not even created by us. There are many resoruces that bring awareness to different sizes, shapes, hair textures, and skin tones. You can visit Instagram pages such as @Knotted.up , @BuiltbyFlaws, @Allhailthequeens , ,

@_girlsempowerment_ and @fullfigured_fashion.

Words from the GroupChat

“But positivity is infectious, I never realized how much more relieving it is to remain positive and actually just focus on the good in people” (Makayla A).

“Exactly I was like girl you should look at yourself as a queen and you shouldn’t be cheated on just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean anything and I hate when people compare that subject to their life” (Kiaina G).

“Social media can make you believe anything if your that naïve” (Shani M).

“We are gonna be all shapes and sizes, different assets. It’s in our blood to have variety when it comes to body type” (Hawa C).

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The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

-Audrey Hepburn


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