A Flawed Story…



Crissy Providence, a high school junior, loves fashion and wants to be a psychologist later in life. Crissy’s biggest flaw is accepting promises. When growing up, majority of promises that were made were broken. She put so much trust and belief in people that she would always accept their promises. However, now she struggles with accepting promises because all she remembers is people breaking the promises that they made. She feels like when people are trying to promise her something it goes into one ear and out the other. She understands that it is not fair because some people actually mean what they say. However, she has this whole built to defend her feelings. She is scared of getting hurt over and over again. Crissy recognizes that this is her flaw and she is trying her best to give people chances, but if she does not feel like it will work out she realize that she just has to let it go.

Advice from Crissy, “I feel that it’s possible to get over it. However, it takes time. Just take baby steps and remember that everyone isn’t the same so some people will come through. Just forgive them!”



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