I find it’s funny that…

There are levels to cheating. It can vary from showing interest in someone who isn’t your boyfriend or girlfriend, having intimate conversations, flirting, and of course having sex with an individual that isn’t your partner. It all depends on the person you are in a relationship with too.57f111a5d3524d810b31750b29f1cc3a

Some people handle cheating differently. Many people find it better to forgive their partner for what they have done so they have the opportunity to move on. However, sometimes forgiveness can give a person the okay to contiune to cheat. Some people love so hard that it is difficult to move on because they feel like any person after that will betray their trust. People will also dwell on the past and what that person has done. Don’t try to stick around and stick it out because you are hurt why contiune to hurt yourself !? Things are just going to become so unhealthy. 

It is not right to cheat on someone that has cheated on you. If you have that feeling, it is a feeling you have at the moment and may regert it once you have done it. Just leave the person and work on yourself. Okay maybe cheating will make you feel better and give you closure but majority of the time it isn’t the case. If you have been cheated on, just move on and find someone that is way better for you and deserves your love and attention. 

a27738064ac42bae0cb50e7b0aa3a7d8Yeah, I get it some people try to make their way into your relationship, but if you or your partner allows that person in mmmm then maybe you should reelvuate yourself. 

We all have breaking points and one day you will meet yours. There is so much you can take from a person. Sometimes when you finally give up on a person they will see what they have lost and try their hardest to get back with you. 

Cheating effects future relationships for some people because they develop trust issues from their past relationships. It is hard to gain trust back. It really is. Trust issues make some people insecure about themselves. When someone cheats their partner often feels like they are doing something wrong. 

Here is some advice ya ! It’s okay to be weak sometimes. We are all human beings. You do not have to be strong all the time. Be 100% with your partner. When I say 100% , I dont mean 50%. The truth hurts but it is better than making a million lies. If you find stuff out by being a stalker bring it. Don’t hold it in. No one is a mind reader. They can’t read your mind lol. A lot people do not have common sense either so SPEAK UP. 

Talking about your relationship problems, mmmm can sometimes be a bad idea. I know your friends are the ones you fall on to tell your problems to. But sometimes you have to pick and choose what you will tell them. Sometimes you will forgive your partner, but your friends won’t. That will create  a problem and may even create tension between your friends and partner. 

ADVICE from some BBF members: 

” I feel like it works talking about it. Like it would seem weird to but depending on how the topic comes up it helps the relationship.” 

” I would say not everyone is the same, and not everyone has the intention on hurting you, and not to constantly compare your new and old relationship- it will drive you crazy”. 

” I don’t feel like I can give advice in that department because again I feel so damaged and insecure I wouldn’t know how to tell somebody not to feel that way”.

“Become a super spy!”

” Investigate 🙂 naw on a serious note, that is God’s way of making room fro young king or queen to come your way. You are getting stronger. If you have question ask, no need in holding it in because if they held ‘it’ in you wouldn’t be suspecting it”. 

” I would def tell them to just be honest all the way and to communicate”. 

” I think that if you’re going to confront someone about cheating don’t back pedal in telling that other person what you’ve discover. I feel that if they begin to add more lies to make you seem like you’re in the wrong then they didn’t really care about the relationship in the first place. I believe that you should follow your intuition or guy feeling cause it’s usually never wrong”. 

Apologies don’t mean anything if you keep doing what you’re sorry for.


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