A Flawed Story…


Ashley Ammons is a Senior majoring in Communication: Audio-Radio Production with a minor in Psychology. She one of the hosts on the radio show called theVoiceofFRED and also hosts a television show called Fredonia Faces. 

Ashley is flawed because she overthinks and overexerts things.

She has struggled with overthinking for about 6 years now and overexerting for about 4 years. Ashley has allowed things that have occurred in her past to sneak up on her, obstructing her thinking process for anything whether it be relationships, friendships, school, or things that are work related. Ashley has let overthinking put a damper on her happiness and herself as a whole. Since the end of her first relationship, she found herself overexerting herself in an attempt to express her love post relationships. Ashley does so because she was uses to doing for other people and having that energy reciprocated. She did those things because she truly cares and she tends to act on her feelings in that particular moment. Ashley wears her heart out on her sleeve. She has allowed her overexerting and high expectations to get the best of her and take a toll on her because of the underlying issues she was facing.

Those high expectations that she held on to from her first relationship, were not from a healthy love, which has been something she has been trying to help herself accept. Those expectations were drawn from a relationship of obsession, manipulation, and sole dependence. Ashley is slowly learning and accepting that not everyone is going to need her all the time. Not everyone is going to be drawn to her hip at every second of the day. People have lives and need to live them as healthy as possible. She says,”So if someone is busy, it’s not because they don’t need her. They just have a lot going on. Those who love and care about you will take the time out for you after they handle what they need to handle for themselves whether it be school or work. It is ok to be alone. It is okay to not have people need you because you need you.”  

Advice from Ashley :

“Take your power back. You are your own true love. Focus on your life, your career, and your dreams.”


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