F**K a fake friend, Where your REAL friends at ?



Real friends do not come with time, its all about the connection that you have with one another. Sometimes people do not realize that you can know someone for a long period of time, but that does not necessarily  mean that you two are amazing friends. Sometimes the people you know all your life turn out to be the people you should have dropped a looooooonnnggggg time AGO. A real friend does not have a special arrival date. You can meet someone and know them for a month and you two can instantly connect. You just get this FEELING of truth, like you just know lol.

Real friends are the ones that are willing to support you no matter what. They may not agree with what you are doing but they will support you. They are the ones that support your beliefs when no one else does. A real friend is the one that can feel when something is wrong with you. Ya can go days without speaking, but they will hit you up like ” are you okay? how are you feeling today ? what’s wrong?”. They sense this vibe that no one else can sense. Distance does not define the relationship. Ya can be miles away, but nothing will change that friendship.

Your real friend is the one that has your back and will defend you in any situation. When people talk about you, your real friend(s) will defend you as if those people are talking about them. Unknown.jpegWhen people try to fix their mouths to pose a rumor, your REAL FRIEND will shut that sh*t down real quick. Ain’t nobody got time for that hunnity.

Yes, I get it, maybe everything I am saying right now is not your definition of a real friend. The definition varies, but I believe that most definitions have certain things in common. Some people believe that a real friend is around 24/7 , while other believe that real friends are the ones that are there when you need them the most.

Lets be real here, everyone has a fall out, but that fall out will not cause ya friendship to fall out. Yes, there will be disagreements, but we will talk it out and move past it. You do not hold any grudges and I won’t hold any grudges. Those disagreements will just make the friendship stronger than what it was.

Real friends do not play when it comes to honesty. The truth hurts, but they’re gonna tell you like it is. We do not do that fake sh*t over here.

68818-quotes-about-friends-who-are-users.jpg.pngIf you “lose” a friend, do not ever feel like the world is going to end.  People change. We all change in some sort of way, we even grow. The person you were yesterday may not be the person you are becoming today. Don’t stress it. Like some people say “As we grow older, we don’t really lose friends, we just learn who the real ones are.” Along your changes, you will definitely lose friends. When you lose those friends, you will find new friendships that will help further your growth. You may be upset at that moment in time, but you will get over it. You two may just be looking at life differently. Losing friends is an essential part in life.

A real friend is family, the person you trust. You should never have to question that.


“A true friend freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.” – William Penn





2 thoughts on “F**K a fake friend, Where your REAL friends at ?

  1. noirerewritten says:

    ugh, LOVED this post. i agree, real friends don’t always come with time. it’s all about personalities and energies.

    can you check out my newest post “dear uninformed”? i would really appreciate the feedback 🙂

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