Last week may have been the hardest week for you, but trust me this week is going to be way better. Take today to rest up and reboot yourself. You can’t go into a new week feeling like last week , if that makes any sense to you :). You have to go into this week with a positive and brand new mindset.

Set your goals for the week!  They do not have to be big goals. Goals are goals, so just set them.Motivation-Monday-March-4.jpg Maybe one of your goals can be to step out of your comfort zone, maybe just once. One time to do something that you would not usually do. It’s kinda fun to do, I promise you.


Another helpful thing to do is look at a lot of motivational images or read some quotes lol. Its cheesy, but it helps.


Also remind yourself of how fabulous you are. You are beautiful. Remind yourself that you are a Queen…A hot one.                                        Standing in front of a mirror and tell yourself “You are going to get through another week. You are going to accomplish those  goals. You are going to get through. It may be hard, but you got this.”


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