A Flawed Story…

unnamed-1.jpgAshley Bunce, a Sophomore majoring in Business at Onondaga Community College, has an internal flaw. She finds herself always caring too much, even when she does not want to.  She cares so much that when someone is hurting it affects her so deeply that she ends up hurt as well.She admits that she cares, but she makes it clear that she is not naive. This is Ashley’s flaw because she cares about everything and everyone no matter how bad a situation or a person is, she always tries to find the good. She finds herself giving a person multiple chances even when they do or say things that negatively impact her. She realizes that the words of others get to he and this has caused to lose her sense of personal motivation and inspiration.

Ashley has learned to deal with her flaw by finding things to motivate her. Her caring attitude sometimes puts her in a mood where she does not want to do anything. However, she uses her new found motivation as a tool to block out the negative things that people say. She takes the negative words and uses them a fuel for her success. She also surrounds herself around positive people who will not take advantage of her kindness and who care about her well being. The positive people that she tries to surround herself with also care as much as she does and are the people that love her most.

Words from Ashley:

“You are a better person for having such a good heart. Don’t let the bad situations or bad people stop you from caring because there will always be people who will appreciate you for it. You may even save a life one day and for every negative comment, turn it into an accomplishment.”


3 thoughts on “A Flawed Story…

  1. jenniesisler says:

    I could totally be Ashley – I draw my energy off of the way the others around me feel and when they don’t feel well for some reason I don’t either. I think the hardest part of being this way is learning that we can’t fix people. Letting go of the toxic situations in your life is difficult, especially when you are the one who’s always trying to make things better.

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