Hanan’s Happiness

Hanan Atshan, a graduate of Hohokus College, is a Palestinian American mother to a beautiful little girl. Throughout her life she always struggled with an internal flaw, happiness and judgments. Growing up she had very strict parents. Due to her religion, her parents believed that her sisters and her were to only marry a Muslim man. By her sisters and her marrying a Muslim man this would make her parents happy and satisfied. In 2008, Hanan had an arrange marriage a Palestinian male. She was very depressed and miserable for the five months that she was married because she was with someone she did not have love for. However, she married into the relationship because she knew it would make her parents happy. The marriage did not work out because Hanan was very independent and invested in exploring the world and learning new things. Her husband at the time did not like the idea of her working. He wanted her to be solely depended on him, but it was not a life that Hanan wanted to live. She wanted to be free. When her husband at the time realize that she was not obeying his rules, he called her parents and told them that he wanted a divorce. Hanan was beaming with joy because she wanted out a long time ago. After getting a divorce, Hanan’s parents did not accept her back into their home. She ran away and move to another state with a Dominican man that she feel in love and is now married to.

Hanan’s flaw was not allowing herself to be happy because she feared the judgments from family and friends. She cared about making others happy and never put her happiness first. Hanan had been blessed with a beautiful daughter who is Palestinian /Dominican. When her daughter was about 2 years of age, Hanan introduced her to her family first time and Hanan’s family has been in love with her daughter ever since then. Hanan’s family has also finally accepted her husband, daughter and her. Hanan has been so contempt. Hanan accepted her flaw by putting herself first and think of what would make Hanan happy.

Words from Hanan herself, ” Moral to my story is always go by what your heart tells you, if you don’t make your own happiness no one else will.  After all the obstacles in life I decided to make my own decisions.”



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