A Flawed Story…

Ja’Nai Harris  is 
a Senior majoring in English at Gettysburg College. She is the President of the Black Student Union, a Diversity Peer Educator and a member of the Latin American Student Association on her campus. Ja’Nai also works at the College Union Building Information Desk and Post Office on campus.

Ja’Nai not only has one flaw, but she has two. These two flaws are body image and trust issues. Ja’Nai expressed that her entire life she has been called “over weight” and that she has always had a hard time making friends due to her incapability to trust others . As she has grown older, she has only been more exposed to societal expectations of the Black women’s body, furthering her body issues and her trust issues have developed from  her failed friendships over the years. 

Ja’Nai has learned to accept that being a woman of color means that she comes with just a little more beauty etched into her curves. She has learned that being skinny doesn’t mean being healthy and if she wants to be healthy she has to do it on her own terms. As for her trust issues, Ja’Nai has learned to accept that not every wolf needs a pack. Her trust is earned and she believes that if having trust issues is her greatest issue, then she is doing pretty well.

When asked what advice she would give young woman dealing with their flaws, Ja’Nai said, “My advice would be to find the beauty is all your faults. No one on this earth is like you, nor is anyone perfect. Perfection is determined by the individual. You craft your own definition of perfection. My advice for young women of color who are struggling with trust issues is that trusting someone who ends up betraying your trust is just another lesson learned and in order to ever get it right, we must know how it feels to get it wrong.” 


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