Who is Responsible ?

 Women ? Men ? or Both ?


Many people say that women should be the ones responsible for birth control. A woman should be on birth control to protect herself from getting pregnant and potientally not having her partner there to assit her. It is a woman’s choice by letting people in. In all reality women AND men should hold responsibility when it comes to birth control.

Both men and women make the choice to have sex. Yes, women and men should have different types of responsiblities when it comes to birth control, but both are still responsible. Women should be held responsible when comes to different kinds of birth control that can help prevent pregnancies. Men should also be responsible enough to ask a woman if she is on any type of birth control. Some may say, “but she is the woman, she will be the one carrying the child not the man.” But mmm she did not make that baby alone. This is a 50/50 effort, so do not just push it all on women. She did not make the decision on her own to be intimate. If either party is not comfortable enough to ask those kind of question about birth control before sex, then maybe they should not be having sex in the first place.

Some methods of birth control have side effects that harm women in certain ways. Many women take different methods to see what birth control best suits them. However, a male should take part in this process because they are taking part in sexual activities as well. Men should take the time to learn about the different methods just to have some sort of knowledge on what women have to deal with. Some people do not realize that some women choose to not take certain methods of birth control because of the side effects. The side effects are real !

IMPORTANT !!! Women should not depend on men to always have condoms, and men should not always depend on women to be on birth control. Like I stated before, both partners should be responsible enough to carry around condoms or to ask the woman if she is on any sort of birth control.


Here are some different types of Birth Control : 

  1. Celibacy : Not Having Sex at All. 

  2. Female Condom : This type of birth control is a thin pouch that lines the vagina. The condom catches the sperm. Don’t worry the condom cannot disappear in your body. A ring keeps the condom inside while another one covers the outside of the vagina. The condom can help protect against STDs (STIs), including HIV.
  3. Male Condom : It is know as a rubber that covers the penis to keep sperm inside the condom. The condom can help protect against STDs (STIs), including HIV.
  4. Cervical cap : It is a soft rubbery cup shaped like a thimble that fits snugly around the cervix, which is the opening to the womb ( uterus).
  5. Contraceptive sponge : It is a donut-shaped plastic foam item with spermicide in it. It blocks sperm from reaching the cervix and it also uses a spermicide to kill sperm.
  6. Diaphragm : It is a round latex or silicone dome that you put inside the vagina. It stops the sperm from reaching the eggs.
  7. Implantable rod: It is a small plastic rod about the size of a matchstick that is placed under the skin of the upper arm. It uses hormone progestin to cause changes in the cervix that can stop sperm from joining with an egg.
  8. Intrauterine device (copper type) : It is a T-shaped device that is put into and left inside the uterus. It helps to stop sperm from eaching an egg and to stop an egg from attaching to the uterus.
  9. Oral contraception: There are different forms of pills that you take every single day that can help prevent pregnancy. The different types are combination pill, and progestin-only pill.
  10. Vaginal ring: It is a small plastic ring that sends hormones into the vagina. It is also called by its brand name, NuvaRing. It uses the same hormones as the combined birth control pill but sends them into your vagina.
  11. Shot : Depo-Provera which is a shot or injection that uses hormones to stop an egg from being released. It also causes changes in the cervix to stop sperm from joining with an egg.



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