Its Bound to Happen.


Many of us do not like to come to the realization that people and things can change. We do not have control over everything and many of us do not want to believe that. I know I hate facing that fact. We hope and sometimes even pray that things will stay the same and forever be good. However, life does not work like that. Unfortunately. When we are in the moment, we never think about the good things never ending because we just want to live in the moment and cherish every minute of it. We don’t learn how to accept the change that may come. Things or people that we love just go away or become something or someone we never knew.

We all have experienced these situations with friendships, relationship, situationships, or familyships. ( Sorry for making up words 🙂 ). For example, when it comes to the first three situations, every thing seems so smooth and easy until you really get to know the person. Speaking from personal experience, relationships have always been a problem to me because I never knew how to accept the change in the person. I always wanted them to be the person that I meet. Majority of time when you meet someone you are attracted to, you meet their good side. They do everything in their power to impress you. It’s a natural thing that I believe every human being does. For friendships, time really can drift friends apart. Sometimes you and your friend can have different plans for life that do not match. The friendship that you had together may not be the same, but it is probably not worth working away from either because this person probably helped you to grow and to overcome many different obstacles within your life. Situationships are similar to a relationship, but it more of like not being committed to a person, but just having fun with them. Trust me the good things  probably won’t last forever when it comes to this type of relationship because people tend to catch feelings and mess up the whole “no strings attached” idea.

There will always be change when it comes to family because everyone is growing and seeing things differently. There will be moments where those good things within the family changes. However, family will always be family. Things tend to work out when it comes to family members. It’s you all come together and figure out a way to work the change out.

Change is really hard  to accept no matter if its good or bad because you don’t fully know what the outcome can possibly be. Either it goes the change  can help build you into a better person and help you experience great things instead. Many of us view good things as somethings we do not want to give up or want to change. However, it is wonderful and it takes time to accept it, but once you got it you will be fine. Take my word for it.

Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. -Arnold Bennett


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