I have a Name.

Ayo ma, can I talk to your for a mintue?  Ayo ma with the blue jeans on!  Ayo shawty!


Dammn you got a fat a**.

Pick up your head, you beautiful.

God bless you mami.

Can I get your number ?

Eh yo sweetheart.

Excuse me.

You got a boyfriend ?

So we can’t be friends ?


F*ck you then.

You ain’t that cute anyways.

Stank a**.


Aight forget you then.

Pretty sure many women within this world has experienced catcalling, which is a shout, whistle or comment of sexual nature to a woman passing by.

Many people may think walking down the street or a block can be the simplest thing, but for some women we have experienced more than a walk down the block. Many women get harassed as they walk to and from their destination. One member stated that catcalling probably is the most annoying thing to ever experience as a woman. It’s like having someone degrade you because you are just walking down the street minding your business. It is very disrespectful how a man, birthed by a woman can talk to other women in that manner. Some women believe that some men do not have respect for women when they do that. It sucks when some women have to premeditate their walking plans. They do this to avoid certain areas and blocks when walking home because they do not want to deal with men catcalling. Or when you see a group of guys and you have to cross the streets or put your head down to avoid all eye contact and comments from a group. In addition, we as women should not have to wear headphones to avoid ya. I mean some of us love listening to music as we walk, but my headphones should not be my way out of being verbally harassed. It’s pretty ridiculous that as a human being we can’t walk freely.

It is more disrespectful when a man has the courage to catcall you when you are with your mother, or when it is a man that can be our father or grandfather. Like are you dead a** right now? When did ya ever think it was okay to do this?

It is worst when some men actually try to touch you too. Like please do not touch me. You going way to far.

Some men need to realize that this can be your sister, mother, mother of your children, or close family members. You would not want this happening to them, so do not do it to others.You may not see it as harassment, but it is. No woman should have to deal with this at all. There are some men that are respectful by saying hello or just hi or ask for your name. Thank you for being polite.

Catcalling is not a compliment.


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