A Bittersweet Feeling…

Bittersweet. I love you, but hate you at the same time. I wish you were a better you to make us become a better us. You want us to grow and to make you a better place, but how? Many people speak of leaving you alone, but I want to become a better me to make you a better you. I love you way too much to walk away. Last night, my mother was speaking of moving in the future and I told her I would never be able to leave you. You help mold me into the young woman that I am today.

I wish everyone could see you’re potential to become a better you. I am sorry that they doubt you and your abilities. You have the full potential to rise above the stereotypes that were made of you. Everyone sees your flaws, but never sees your accomplishments. When I am done doing what I am doing, I am coming back and making change.

I want others to also know that in order for you to become a better you they have to change also. Why is it that young men of color are killing each other? But we do not really speak of this do we?  Why is it that we don’t talk about this but we go crazy about police killing our people? #Peopleofcolorlivesmatter in any situation doesn’t it. Why is it okay that young women of color fight each other over bullshit? We need to teach each other that our lives have value to it. They need to understand that with them growing and becoming better people that it will make you an amazing place. They have to stop blaming you for their wrongs.

I want everyone that lives within you to see that they are special in their own ways. The stereotypes that they place on us are not true. We have to stop living by those stereotypes. They want us to put each other down and to kill each other. They do not want us to win. They love coming to you and making harsh stereotypes about the kind of place you are. We all have so much talent. Why are we wasting it? Why are we constantly putting each other down for succeeding? We are in this together. I am no better than you. I am no higher than you. You are my brother. You are my sister. I am here to support you. Harlem, I want my bothers and sisters to know that I am here.

I will forever love you for the place you are and like I said I will never leave you like everyone else plans to. Harlem you are what made me. You are my place of love and joy. The beautiful sites and people you hold within you are just so amazing. You raised us to become greatness, and I am sorry that some people have fell short of that.

I write this because I am an aunt to a four-year-old boy of color. I fear every single day that the life of my nephew could be taken away from me. We have to make our community a better place for the youth. Don’t give up on Harlem. It hurts me that we only talk about certain things when they occur. We have to make change ya’ll. Seriously.




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