Can a Man be a feminist ?

Last week, I had the chance to sit down with the first Chief Executive Officer of Democracy Prep Public Schools, Katie Duffy. We were having a discussion about how Built by Flaws was going. I bought to her attention that there were many young men of color who asked me if they could share their “flawed story” on the blog. As the conversation got deeper, she expressed to me that she was mentoring a senior at Democracy Prep Charter High School with his Change the World Project. The Change the World Project is a project that allows seniors to find something that they are very passionate about and to focus their project on making a change. His project is based on answering the question of how a man can take part in a feminist movement.

I thought this topic would be great for a discussion because as a young women of color group we can help young men of color figure out how to become a feminist.

Young men of color have the opportunity to help young women of color by becoming a feminist. There are multiple ways that they can do this. They can convince their male friends that men and women are equal. There is no difference between the two when it comes to equality. In addition, there are many activities and initiatives that many young women of color take part in. Also another start to becoming a male feminist is empowering women of color and not degrading the women around them. There are a lot of young women and women of color supporting young men and men of color in many different ways, but the support is not reciprocated. There is also a great distance in media between women of color and men of color. On social media, we see a lot of support for men, but not enough for women. Men of color are not the only ones experiencing police brutality. Moreover, when it comes to media about young women or women of color, colorism appears. We have the debates on light skins vs. dark skins. These debates are problematic because it then causes women to bring each other down rather than building each other up. Every single young women or women of color should be supported no matter what their skin tone is. There are some advantages that men have and you should use those advantages to help women fight for equality. Use your powers to make a difference. You will never understand what it is to be a young woman or woman of color because you are a male, but that shouldn’t stop you from wanting to take part in our growth or earning the same rights as males.



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