The Mysteries of Hair.

Hair is literally a big topic of discussions. There is so much to it. Like how do weaves, tracks, and extensions work? Why does hair define us? What products should be used? What are some protective hairstyles? Why is hair so important to women? Most of these questions do not get answered when us as young women talk about hair. Majority of us just talk about straighten our hair, or what kind of bundles we are getting, but we never really touch base about why we value our hair so much and what we do to keep it healthy.

Below are some thoughts and tips from different members from BBF: 

” As a person that loves weaves I can say that at first I wore weaves because it made me have the ” type of hair” that was all over magazines. Now I wear weaves because I like them and I feel like it’s a luxury for me. I used to perm my hair all the time, but I decided to go natural in November. It is a very long and hard process, but I love it. I wear Senegalese twists as a protective style and I use a lot of Cantu products. I also have Etae products they work wonderful when I want to straighten my hair.” – K.G.

“So I change my hair all the time!! And it’s usually from a protective style to out and natural and then back to protective styles. When I wear weaves its because I like it and it’s convenient because my hair is protected underneath and I don’t have to wake up and do much. My hair is very important to me because it makes me unique! My curl pattern is not like anyone else’s…also my hair defines its health and my process to accepting the natural black beauty I have.” – A.R.

” Hair… Okay so I used to get perms like every 3 for months just so my weave could blend and be on point but after a 11th grade I stopped getting perms and tried going natural. When transitioning it was hard and after I did the big chop, 2 months later I permed my hair again because it was just too much. My freshman year of college I tried it again and I love it. I can do so much. Twist outs, Bantu knots, weaves and updos. All of these styles define me and I feel like I’m a different person with each one if you know what I mean. Just like multiple personalities :).” – H.C.

“When I style my hair which can consists of using perm rods to give me a natural looking curly fro, weave, to now even a shave side. The style of the day or moment simply defines how I’m feeling at the moment lol from daring, adventurous, or simply experimenting with how I want to physically represent myself. Side note: I love Coconut Oil it smells great & is good for your scalp.” – V.R.

“When I twist my hair to make it even more curly than just wetting it I use coconut oil mix with some water and a foam styling lotion to add more moisture to my hair. Also I start off my twists as a braid and the rest is twisted. After I’m done with one I make sure the end of the twist has a lot of moisture on it. Then I put on my bonnet and I don’t take out my twists till they’re completely firm and dry.” – S.M.

“So my last perm was march 27 2015 and i used to always perm my hair like every two months because I hated the new growth that kept coming.    Eventually because of my constant perming my hair decided it wanted to start falling out so some time in July 2014 I cut my hair real short but constantly kept perming it.   I was afraid of a big chop so just like K.G., i decided to transition.   I had originally told my self that i was going to wait till.” – A.M.

” This is a great topic. I would have to admit; I’ve almost all of them above. I got my first relaxer when I was younger cuz my mom was tired of my curls and frizz. I recently stopped toward the middle of high school and my have done amazing transitions since then. I didn’t wear extensions until senior year and it has been an in and off process for me because I love my hair but I love to switch it up and extensions help me with new styles.” – S.P.

” Shea moisture and Cantu work lovely though!” – E.B.


“A weekly treatment I do is actually a family treatment from Ethiopia. It’s called ghee butter, it smells sooo bad but it makes hair stronger and more manageable. But since I got to college I stated using lush hair products like homemade natural stuff with the occasional use of a curling jelly and castor oil to seal my ends.” – N.M.

Products & Brands – Coconut Oil, Black Castro Oil, Eggs, Honey, Baking Soda, Mayo, Non-Sulfate Shampoo and Conditioner, Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner, Palmers Olive Oil sulfate free Shampoo, SheaMoisture, Etae, Cantu, and Argon Oil Shampoo

Hair Styles for Protection

  1. Bantu Knots – the more moist the better the knots come out
  2. Perm Rods- you can use them even if you don’t have a perm & they make your hair curly
  3. Cornrows
  4. Twist
  5. Youtube is a great place to see videos on hairstyles for preparation or protections.  (Ex. Alyssa Forever)


Why is hair important to you?

  • I just personally like to look good.
  • It gives confidence.
  • Hair makes a girl a girl.
  • It makes me unique



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