Do you have Daddy Issues?



Daddy issues, what is that? Where do they come from? How can a father-daughter relationship effect one’s self-esteem or future relationships? Do I have daddy issues?

It does not matter if your father is or is not in your life, daddy issues can still appear. The majority of society knows it to be a negative connoted word that describes a person’s characteristic when their father is not present within their lives. It is apparent within society that daddy issues are linked to women when it comes to relationships. It is psychologically known that many women tend to be attracted to men that are similar to either their fathers or other influential male figures. In addition, some women yearn for attention from men because they never had that male attention due to the absence of their father. However, some people have their own general definition of what daddy issues are. One member stated that her daddy issue is about her and her father not seeing “eye to eye” on her dating preference. This issue some how does impact her self-esteem and relationships. Another member stated that her father has been very present in her life, but there are some areas where she wishes things were better than others. Moreover, another member stated that growing up without a father has affected her development of her personality, however, this has caused her to become more independent because she only had one parent to depend on.If she were to have that father within her life, she would have had someone to help her with her mother and the guidance of certain problems or to have influence on the financial part of her life.

Having a father can teach different values and ideals, however, not all father relationships with the child ideally make the child “better off”. There will always be issues within a relationship with a father and daughter because a father can have a whole different perspective on how he wants to raise his daughter. Sometimes not having a father can cause women to not have that figure within their life and see how a man is suppose to treat a woman. However, a father figure can also show a woman how they do not want to be treated. Some father relationships are not as healthy or helpful in the development of the daughter.

Let’s make this clear right now that women are not the only ones that suffer from daddy issues. This also applies to men. A father figure or father in a male life is necessary because yes, some women can raise a respectful man, but there are just some things a woman cannot teach a male that another male can. It is very ideal and “traditional” to have a two-parent household to have qualities to raise a well-rounded person because as stated before these roles contribute different qualities to the development. Daddy issues can go either way.

Some flaws root from these issues. Self-esteem is a big one. Some women do not see how much they are worth when it comes to men because they may have not had that father figure there to show and to tell them how much they are worth. Some women accept things and deserve so much more.




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