A Flawed Story…


Christine John, who just graduated from Grace Institute fro business training, has learned to accept her flaw. Over time her attitude became her flaw because throughout her life many people doubted her ability to become successful. Sometimes her attitude get in the way of her accomplishments. She becomes upset when she does not get what she wants. From people telling her that she would never succeed in life, she had built up anger inside her. She understands that her attitude can be her down fall to her success, so she is slowly accepting her attitude and working to fix it. She has met God and he has been her way to calm down her attitude. She knows its not always good to be demanding because she may never know what other people are going through. She has learned how to reflect on a situation instead of acting on it at the moment. She does not want her attitude to be the reason why she does not become the best that she can be.

Encouraging words from Christine herself,” be patient and fight for what you want without the attitude because that will get you nowhere but in a bad predicament so just understand that it takes time.  You can recieve what you want if you go about it the right way instead of having an attitude all times. Be patience and live your life fully.”


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