Interracial Relationships.


Would you date outside your race? Do you think your parents have an impact on which you date? Is an interracial relationship a way to help fix racism? Can they fix racism? Is it easier just to date in my race? Isn’t it more difficult to date out of my race? What is an interracial relationship? When thinking of interracial relationships, majority of these questions come to mind.

Interracial relationships is a topic that many people discuss and try to figure out if its right or wrong. There is nothing wrong with dating outside of a race. It’s about the type of person they are not what their race is. When people fall in love, they just fall in love. Interracial relationships are able to bring together two different cultures. The relationship shows how different, but how similar the two cultures are to each other. In many ways, interracial relationships show how much a person is willing to put their pride aside and to learn about someone else’s culture.

Interracial relationships can be helpful when dealing with racism. For example, if an interracial couple has a child where neither of their parents approve of the relationship, their parents will learn to love that child if they like it or not because that is their grandchild. This will help them to accept the life that their grandchild has to live. This can possibly break down racism. It will not fix everything about racism, but it can break down the views of some people.

In addition to unapproved parents, some believe that a person should “improve their race” by dating someone in the same race. The best way to improve the race is by dating outside to show others how different cultures work. It is so hurtful to be in love with someone and your family does not approve of it. For example, a member stated that she has some Dominican friend’s who parents told her it is not okay to date a black male.  Some parents have stereotypes and perceptions of those outside their race. We have to understand that some of our parents were raised this way to believe that you should not date outside the race. When they were our age, they did not have all these opportunities to learn the things that we are learning now.

There are some cons to interracial relationships as well. Many members expressed the same experience that they have on their college campus. Some students on campus want to experience the “fantasy” of what it is to be with a white women or a black male. On many campuses, it is seen that black males are more likely to mess with a white girl because of what they have heard about white women. Many white girls on campus always speak about how they will love to be with a black man. It’s a messed up situation, but all interracial relationships are not based on this idealization.

Love is love and love conquers all. The unity of interracial couples goes beyond the labels and that makes it so much more powerful.

Love has no color. – The Winans


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