A Flawed Story…


Tempestt Tucker, a junior at University of Rochester majoring in Public Health, minoring in Spanish, and on a Pre-Health track, found out that her flaw is being a perfectionist.  She has spent so much of her time trying to figure out the right ways to do things. It cause her to become upset when things don’t go as planned. Yes, I know it may not seem like a big deal, but it is to Tempestt. She sets such high expectations for herself, which can become extremely overwhelming. This is why she considers this her biggest flaw. She spends so much time trying to refrain from making mistakes because she feels like there’s no room for any. When doing this she sometimes she forgets that she is young and human, so she will face many challenges and continue to make mistakes even if she doesn’t intend to. So, Tempestt has learned to accept this flaw with pride because although she knows it’her flaw she doesn’t allow it to cause her stress. She has learned to deal with this by simply taking time to herself at least once or twice a week. What this means is she puts aside schoolwork for a couple hours and she does something fun. This gives her the opportunity to relax and forget about all the work that needs to be done. Tempestt believes that it’s important for everyone to make time for themselves. This has mentality has helped her accept the fact that she is indeed a perfectionist.

Words from Tempestt herself, “To those who are like me and find themselves too uptight or overwhelmed at times , always remember to keep yourself first and never be afraid to make mistakes. Whether intentional or unintentional mistakes happen , so embrace them and learn from them so that you become a better you. Life isn’t perfect don’t try and make it that way. With Love, Tempestt.”




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