I’m sorry Double Standards don’t work for me.

So some genius came up with the idea of double standards needs to get their life right! ASAP. Double standards are really annoying. Want to know why they are annoying?! Yes? Okay let me start telling you why .

No matter how much you can dislike or disagree with them, society will continue to force them. They will never go away because so many people believe in them. And when those people have children, they will reinforce those ideas and concepts into them.

Double standards play a huge part in how society views women and men. One example that a member brought up was growing up as a girl. Did your parents ever give you a curfew that was super early, but allowed your brother to stay out a little later because he was a boy and he could protect himself? Or did your grandmother allow your boy cousin to go to the store alone, but you could not go without someone accompanying you? Double Standards. Ooooooo, what about a man being able to sleep with as many women as he wants, but let a woman do it and what will she be called? Slut? Whore? Skank? Tramp? Squally? Hoe? Thot? Hmmm so I can’t explore my choices? Double Standard.

Wait! We haven’t even got to the good part about double standards. RELATIONSHIPS. You should of known that was coming. Double standards always seem to pop up in relationships. Sometimes you have to sit your partner down and explain to him/her that if the situation were reversed how would he/she feel about it. Reverse psychology is a great way to go. One thing that is not right is pulling a double standard on someone that has pulled a double standard. Two wrongs definitely don’t make a right. Always find a balance that your partner and you can agree on.

Double standards can also take place between women. For example, Chelsea Handler took nudity photos and the Huffington Post captioned it, “Chelsea Handler gets ‘artsy’ with her latest nude pic.” However, they captioned a photo of Blacc Chyna and Amber Rose, “ Amber Rose and Blacc Chyna party hard in skimpy feathered bikinis.” This is an example on how society also places double standards on women against women. While these two women actually were covered in clothing, their appearance was still negatively commented on, however this white woman was completely naked and it was referred to  in as artsy. Moreover, a very popular debate going on is breastfeeding. This is a double standard because society accepts the fact that some women choose to show their boobs as in wearing low cut shirts. However, some people think it’s disgusting for a woman to breastfeed her child in public. Like how is that disgusting? Don’t be fooled. Double standards apply to everyone.

If you every find yourself being put into a situation where there is a double standard, reevaluate the situation and check the person.

People hate when you show them how it feels to be treated the way they treat you.



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