A Flawed Story…

12660381_1036821599711500_1939905460_n.jpgShani Mars, a sophomore studying Business Administration at the University of Albany , flaw that surprises many people is her natural curly hair.She has recently become comfortable with her hair. Her hair has been naturally curly since she was born. She has never put any perm or relaxer in her hair to make it straight. When Shani began doing her hair which was when she was about 12 she wasn’t fond of her hair. She wanted her hair to be like everyone else’s, manageable and easy to straighten. She would get so many mixed feelings about her hair, even though there were some people who would compliment it. There are some people who would say “you have a lot of hair for a black girl”. There were some who would even ask her “why don’t you get a perm or a weave in your hair instead of leaving it natural”, and some people didnt like her because of her hair. Her hair represented her and for a long time she felt like her hair was unworthy. This is why she always wore her hair in a tight bun. Shani was hiding it.

When she began college she brought that trait of hiding her hair with her. She was in a new environment and she didn’t want to change or bring that type of attention she didn’t like to herself. But Shani began to realize that she can’t stay in her comfort zone forever.  She realize that there will be many issues that she was not going to like but she will have to live with them no matter if others like it or not. Shani thought that becoming more comfortable with her hair was the first step. She slowly but surely gave her hair it’s freedom. So she taught herself how to twist her own hair and found what kind of products worked best for her. At first she would just wear a curly bush on top of her head and then she began to wear it all out. The middle of her freshman year of college was the year she became completely in love with my hair. She didn’t care about anyone’s opinion. She believed accepting her hair has helped her overcome other flaws too. Shani is now happy with her, herself and her hair. Shani stated,”I promise you I only where a tight bun to show my beautiful face”.

Shani has proved some adivce to those going tthrough a similar struggle. “My advice for young women of color is to stop caring about what others think when it comes to your appearance. Definitely the negative ones. There are people out there who do love you for the way you are. Whether you love wearing your natural hair, your weaves or relaxers than work it because it yours and nobody else’s. Be yourself and love you for you”.


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