Happy Black History Month !


I am so proud to say that we are celebrating the 50th Black history month!

Black History Month, or National African American History Month, is an annual celebration of achievements by black Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of African Americans in U.S. history. 

Throughout this month share your appriecation and love for your culture by sharing personal stories, hisotry, art and more.

Below I have some messages of young women of color showing their appriecation of black culture.

“Black Excellence to me stems from our resilience despite so many things. I can’t help but think of Black Girl Magic. Black women in our society have been valued the least but in many respects we tend to excel and surpass the expectations, or lack thereof, set before us. Black Excellence is overcoming the stigma that has been placed on you and defining yourself on your own terms. Black Excellence is community, dedication, beauty, perseverance and love. Finding out voices and using them to celebrate and uphold one another”. – Akosua A.

” I will like to share how being apart of the black community to me is a reward everyday. Our history is the foundation of black success, talking about ‘started from the bottom’, lol yes we made it & have ways to go as the doubts and negativity for us continue to rise. But, in reality, we never started from the bottom; we were and are still kings & queens. Now, we are just kings and queens in our own way. Happy black history month ladies! Find & be your inner & outer queen”. – Victoria R.

” Its the month for all the naturals to come out and show they curly goodness!” -Akeda R.

” I never realized how important black history month was until I came to college. I am really upset with myself for not celebrating it for 18 years of my life. I wish I knew more about it and was taught more about my culture growing up. However, now I have the resources to learn on my own. Febraruy is the best month, but remeber when this month is over still contiune to celebrate”. -Tanaya C.


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