A Flawed Story…


E’jaaz Burgess, a sophomore at Howard University, always thought her thighs were unbearably big. During her first year of college, she saw other plus size young women of color on her campus. All of the young women of color were free with their bodies and didn’t care about what other people thought about them. She realized that being a different size then other girls didn’t mean that she should be self-conscious about herself. She began to embrace her flaw rather then look at her thighs as a problem. Her thighs were hers and the only judgments that mattered to her was her owns.

E’jaaz knows that her flaw does not make her different because she knows that there are other girls that actually suffer with accepting their thighs and being proud to have them. 

Here are some motivational words from E’jaaz, “Stand in the mirror and just stare and find the beauty. Go shopping, find something that makes them look great, and show them off!”


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