A Flawed Story…


Anita Ntem, a sophomore at Bryn Mawr College, has grown to realize that her flaw is eating. People always say to eat what your body can handle or eat just enough. Anita happens to always surpass that limit. When her eyes are glued on food that she wants her stomach becomes an endless pit. She has realized that over eating is harming her body. She is abusing the amount of space that her body gives her to eat the proper nutrients and nourishment needed to go about her day. She has always strived to reach the fullest potential that she could in everything she does. Anita wants to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in sync and with that being said, not only is she aiming to make smarter decisions about the amount of food in her belly, but the kind of food she puts in her body. The body is a temple and she realized that she has to treat it in the best way she can. Anita learned to accept that there will be countless times where she may fall victim to bad eating habits, but that’s okay!

Anita sends a message to those struggling with a similar flaw to hers.”Allowing yourself to come to truth WITH yourself is the first step. Being able to then take your time and accept that yes you will try to eat healthier, but the transition may take longer, it’s fine as well. At the end it is all mental & as soon as you are aware that anything is possible if you actually sit, think, reflect & act, then you can conquer anything!”

P.S. You can see how much love she has for food in this photo 🙂


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