Is my blackness beautiful enough?

Have you ever googled the word beauty ? Well, if you haven’t here is the definition. “Beauty is a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” But lets all be honest is that your definition of beauty?

Every female has their own definition of what beauty is. Some believe that beauty is hard to define because media only portrays beauty in a certain way. Beauty should be about loving oneself and being confident in one’s skin. One has the choice to deliver their beauty to the world in any way they want to. Beauty is about self-creation.

Is my blackness beautiful enough should not be a question because the question creates insecurities for young women of color. Blackness is a culture view within the western world. Apparently the blacker a person is the worst the world sees them. It takes time for an individual to believe the common phrase that everyone is beautiful. People have to change their mindset about what standard beauty is and create their own vision. When growing up, I am pretty sure all of us watched television. Did those advertisements show women that looked like us? Yeah, I didn’t think so. And in our minds we thought that since we did not look like them we weren’t beautiful. If we had women like Viola Davis and Taraji P. Henson on our screen promoting beauty, young women of color would have a better chance of learning more about their identities. Media can be a stepping-stone to show young women of color how to accept their beauty. A member from Built by Flaws stated, “We don’t learn what beauty is NOT until someone tells us so.” There is truth in this comment because we learn everything from what we see and who we are around when growing up.

Beauties are wiped away from people of color when entering the western world because being black or of color has come with so many stereotypes and disadvantages in America. Your ethnicity is not looked at. Your skin tone is what defines you. And if you are brown or dark skin you are seen to be black.

Many incidents have occurred where characteristics and features of women of color have been shamed for things that they have been born with. However, other cultures have taken those characteristic and features and praise their people for what they have. How can one be shamed for what she is born with, but one can purchase the features and everyone loves it? Hmmm how does that really work? It is very hard for people to accept how unique and different young women of color are because they may feel as though their power will be lowered.

There are many ways we can work towards creating our own definitions of beauty. We as young women of color have the privilege to understand the blackness and the value of one self. Our generation has to use social media as a tool to define what a good role model is for beauty. I give thanks to the show Scandal and How to get Away with Murder, but seriously do we want the “good black role model” to be a woman that is seen as a sexual being or someone that kills her white husband. We have the greatness and richness to our culture. As one member stated, ” Times are changing now, which is why it’s important we embrace our ‘flaws’. They are unique to each and every one of us and the ‘flaws’ are what they envy. Its what they are intimidated by which is why they try to make us look bad and look like we have no sense. When truth be told if they were to even have the features and spirits that we have they couldn’t even handle it! We are who we are for a reason. So we need to take pride in that.” Do not allow anyone to tell you that you are not beautiful because you are. Acknowledge your flaws and let them make you different!


“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”

– Sophia Loren




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